This is a saved copy of the entire website, which I had some foresight to copy some time after Robert's untimely and unfortunate death and before the domain expired. I've recreated it here using the original code plus some fixes and missing files collected via the web archive project. I've made no attempt to change the content, I have however fixed some links and bad HTML coding and changed the directory structure into something more manageable.

My intent is to offer this valuable resource in its original format - note that many of the enlargement images are in excess of 5 MB when downloading (as they originally were) - also, the email links are invalid - please don't email any of the email links on the pages.

I'm working on my own set of Robert Green homage pages that this set will eventually link from - my pages will include a detailed catalog of RG structures and projects with the help of several Atlanta RG fans. As of now, I thought that publishing this original archive would be of value and help bring Robert once again into the public consciousness as one of Georgia's premier and significant architects.
Frank Lloyd Wright
Architecture Design Style
by Robert Green
Architect AIA


This website is a tribute to my father, Robert Miller Green, as a commemoration of his work.  Robert Green loved his mentor and teacher, Frank Lloyd Wright, to whom he always referred to as "The Master."  Throughout his career, he adhered faithfully to the principles and ethics of organic design, and expanded upon the vision that Mr. Wright had instilled in him.

Robert Green died of an aortic aneurysm, September 17, 2003. It is with respect for him as perhaps one of the greater architects of our time, and with deepest love for the best father one could imagine, that I invite you to view some of his work.

 Robert Green studied personally with Frank Lloyd Wright the last year of Mr. Wright's life.  A few thumbnail photos of Robert Green's work in the Wright style follow.  These represent a very small sample of the work of Robert Green, whose work has been compared with Frank Lloyd Wright's.

Many years ago, Robert Green, who had already studied architecture at Georgia Tech, met with Frank Lloyd Wright at Taliesin West and was immediately accepted for advanced study directly under Mr. Wright's tutelage. After Mr. Wright's death, Mr. Green returned to Atlanta, and for many years has designed beautiful and fascinating buildings in the Wright style which only someone who studied with Mr. Wright was able to do.  Mr. Green's works included many custom homes - from 800 square feet to 15,000 square feet and costing from $100,000 to several million dollars - office buildings, apartments and condos, churches, warehouses and other commercial buildings. 

Following principles of "Organic Architecture" formulated by Frank Lloyd Wright, Robert Green also created much fine furniture which complemented the buildings - much of it built-in.  Like Mr. Wright, his work was superior throughout.

Designing homes and other buildings in the style made famous by Frank Lloyd Wright entails meeting client's needs with great attention to detail. It is because of this emphasis and his talent and training with Mr. Wright, and the beauty that Robert Green built into his buildings, that he could boast that homes he designed often quadruple in value from the time of construction. And even with all the work drawing, detailing, and on-site inspection of construction, his fees were only approximately what real-estate sales agents received to sell a comperable sized house.

Robert Green's work has been featured on HGTV.  For a behind the scenes look, click here. Robert Green attended the Frank Lloyd Wright Fellowship 70th Year Reunion.  Click here for the details.