Frank Lloyd Wright Architecture
Design Style by Robert Green
Architect AIA
The Donges House,1158,DEID_project_17511,00.html 


The Donges House will be featured on HGTV 09/14/2002 9:00am. For a behind the scenes look, click here.

The Donges House was designed for a middle aged couple. They wanted one bedroom and only a small additional bedroom for infrequent guests.

Mrs. Donges paints, and she wanted painting studio/study off living room where she works, and, she wanted to see the living room fire from her study. So I put the large fireplace between the living room and her study, with openings front and back.

This small house (1700 square feet) is built with brick, cypress and glass, with some sheetrock. Much of the space is the living portion of the living room, dining, and kitchen-and the ceiling at the roof ridge is 15 feet high, with lower flat soffits around perimeter at approximate 7 feet, housing indirect ighting, etc. Built in sofa.


Mr. Donges had hobby of extremely fine shopwork, so I designed many lamps and hanging lights, and furniture, which he made beautifully. Mrs. Donges did all the staining and finishing of this work.

Looking Toward Kitchen(183K) Exterior Rear(324K)
From the Balcony (140K) FirePlace Photo I
Coffee Table (172K) Living Room Fireplace(184K)

   Looking West (188K)

Drawing (212K)

 Another Exterior From the Woods(406K)
Fireplace Photo II Fireplace Photo III
Fireplace Photo IV Wall Lamp