Frank Lloyd Wright Architecture
Design Style by Robert Green
Architect AIA

"Arrowhead"   Robert Witcher House   Atlanta, GA

The name was derived from the shape of the floor plan. The house was originally built with tidewater red cypress ceilings, stone, glass, and integral carport. Later, the carport was closed in for playroom.

Features include:

  • A ten-foot wide cantilevered stone fireplace hood
  • Built-in furniture
  • 10-foot square sunken tub in master bath
  • Fireplace in master bedroom
  • Huge skylight above kitchen
Original Perspective Rendering
Floor Plan
Arrowhead Exterior Arrowhed - Fireplace
Exterior View(341K)  Interior of Living Room(188K)
 Exterior View II(314K) Family Room(189K)
Entry(367K) Kitchen(219K)